International / Westernized Shogi Set with Arrows and Japanese 1-Kanji

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9×9 grid, foldable
Dimensions (width x length x height):
unfolded: 29.7 cm x 32.4 cm x  2.3 cm
folded: 29.7 cm x 16.2 cm x  4.6 cm
Material: wood
You can store the pieces inside the board – no extra box needed.

Pieces: international / western style with arrows for easy learning and Japanese 1-Kanji.
The top is printed in black, the bottom (Promoted side) in red.
Each piece is slightly tilted forward.
Dimensions – Kings: 26 mm x 29 mm
Dimensions – all other pieces: 20 mm x 23 mm
Material: wood

This set includes:
– foldable Shogi board
– 40 shogi pieces in total:

1x king general
1x king jeweled
2x rook (with red back)
2x bishop (with red back)
4x gold general
4x silver general (with red back)
4x knight (with red back)
4x lance (with red back)
18x pawn (with red back)

You can find the rules how to play Shogi here on our website.
Designed and Made in Germany

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